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Ways to Get an EB5 Visa An EB5 visa is the kind of American visa that is specially intended for investors. To follow, we will layout for you some information about this kind of visa such as its history, who can apply it, how to go about the process of application, and how much it will cost you to apply. The main objective of the EB5 is to encourage investments from outside the United States . Through this visa, it helps in bring more foreign money into the United States as a way of helping the US economy. A standard program went with the creation of this visa in 1991. With this EB5 visa comes the standard program of requiring foreign investors to come up with an amount of USD 1,000,000 to infuse into the US businesses and thereby used to create 10 jobs. If a foreign investor meets these standard requirements, the person is allowed to live legally and permanently in the United States. Once the foreign investor has complied with the basic standard requirements, his or her spouse too and their children under the age of 21, can live legally in the United States already. Since the introduction of the EB5 in 1991, it was not actually used for the following 17 years. The government was allowed to issue 10,000 visas under this EB5 program, but only around 500 EB5 visas were issued per year. The immediate reason for this has something to do with the difficulties encountered by the investor in developing a business far from his or her home country. No two countries are alike and these differences create a challenge to the investors when setting up a business in the United States thereby affecting the status of the business being tried to develop. The Key Elements of Great Resources The original EB5 visa program was modified in 1992 termed as the Regional Center Pilot Program. In this new program, the foreign investors are allowed to make a smaller investment of $500,000 US dollars around regional centers and American investments that are qualified. The smaller amount of $500,000 US dollars, as far as the wealthy investors concerned, was already reasonable and getting a green card was justified. The new EB5 then became attractive, but unfortunately the new program was suspended between 1998 and 2003 because of some discovered abuses in the system that cost money for the United States. The abuses in the system were removed, and the new program called Investor and Regional Center United was created to facilitate and monitor the visa in an efficient way. A Simple Plan For Investigating Options Today, there is still quota limit every year for the allowable EB5 visas of 10,000, and the investor has to invest $500,000 US dollars in an investment center allowed by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.