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Why Grants are Relevant Non-refundable funds that are given out by corporations, foundations or government departments to various recipients are referred to as grants. The recipient in most cases can be an educational institution, an individual, business or a non-profit entity. Institutions or individuals in dire need of grants are required to come up with grant proposals or applications to present to the funder. Grants are mostly offered to various recipients in order to support a project and constitutes a lot of compliance and reporting. The applicant, writes the proposal after which it is submitted to a potential funder. Some people in need of these funds usually apply for them on their own initiative or simply in response to requests for grant proposals from potential funders. People who want to start up their own business get these funds as well as victims of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. It is common to find a lot of people struggling with their upkeep due to financial problems they might be experiencing. Nowadays, the expenses of living are becoming more and more causing people to be overwhelmed and look for loans and other funds to sustain the minimum living standards. By the government and other corporations offering these people grants, they help them to overcome their financial problems and conduct a better life. There are those grants given out to those who are in need of funds to cover their housing and renting bills. People who get low income rates may find it difficult to take care of their housing bills on time without accumulating debts. As a result, some people get evicted from their homes or shelters and end up homeless with nowhere to stay. Grants offered by financial institutions come in handy in such cases as people are able to cover their housing bills. Everyone has a right to receiving medical attention but when the bills are too high, they might find it difficult to cover them. Paying for frequent doctor visits, medical bills, lab tests, medicine among others might prove to be overbearing for low income families. With the help of grants, people are able to get access to the necessary medication they need at any given time. A Brief History of Services There are those expenses that one incurs on a daily basis that need to be covered which include water bills, electric bills, fuel, food, groceries, clothes and many more. Those who have low earnings tend to suffer a dent in their pockets since they pay for these expenses on a daily basis. With the help of grants, these people are able to cover all these daily expenses with ease. A 10-Point Plan for Services (Without Being Overwhelmed) Some corporations offer grants to cater for energy and utility bills for these people who cannot afford to. Grants are very significant to the economy as they help to fund those people who are in dire need of it.